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The Grand Living, a lifestyle brand like no other.

Our Story

International design & uncompromising quality,

Born out of a passion for creativity, Andre has built a thriving brand.

The Grand Living’s story began with a chemical engineer & a chartered accountant who shared a passion for furniture design.

Andre Geldenhuys & his partner Willem Strauss took bold steps in 2010 & began an adventure into the design space with a focus on utilising local talent. 

The Grand Living quickly became a lifestyle brand that builds timeless pieces with a focus on quality & elegance. 

Driven by a culture of leadership and innovation, The Grand Living aims to create a lifestyle experience in every piece they design, inspired by international trends. Their focus on uncompromising quality, function, and beauty is what shapes their ethos.

About the company

The first three years of The Grand Living’s journey were filled with obstacles, but in August 2013, the brand took on a new direction when it decided to focus on local manufacturing instead of importing designs. This decision enabled the brand to introduce a new level of tailor-made elegance and style into our clients everyday life.

Symbolic of the honesty of the South African landscape and its sun-kissed climate, The Grand Living’s objective is to create bespoke pieces that seamlessly blend with interior and exterior design. The brand believes in creating a lifestyle experience that reflects the personality and taste of its customers.